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  • Red Bean Kalguksu 팥칼국수
  • Steamed Ribs and Seafood 해물갈비찜
  • Mango Cheese Parfait 망고치즈파르페
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핫바 – Hot Bar (Street Food)

Hot Bar (Street Food) 핫바


무엇: 핫바
어디: 닭꼬치 먹을래? 핫바 먹을래?, 서울 중랑구 상봉동 129
가격: 1000 원

What: Hot Bar (Street Food)
Where: Do you want to eat chicken skewers? Do you want to eat hot bars?, 129 Sangbong-dong Jungang-gu Seoul
Price: 1000 KRW

Photo by: hyunji.8 (Instagram)