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  • Mixed Meat and Seafood 잘군모듬한판
  • Steamed Cow Ribs 물갈비
  • Cold meat broth with Korean beef 한우물회
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반반치킨 – Half and Half Chicken (거인통닭 – Geointongdalg)

Half and Half Chicken 반반치킨


무엇: 반반치킨
어디: 거인통닭, 부산시 중구 부평동 2가 11-2
가격: 17000 원

What: Half and Half Chicken
Where: Geointongdalg, 11-2 Bupyeong-dong Jung-gu Busan
Price: 17000 KRW

Photo by: mini.0112 (Instagram)