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  • Raw Meat with Vegetables 눈꽃살구이
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  • Steamed Ribs and Seafood 해물갈비찜
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동치미막국수 – Dongchimi Makguksu (Buckwheat Noodles)

Dongchimi Makguksu 동치미막국수


무엇: 동치미막국수
어디: 삼교리동치미막국수, 강원 강릉시 경포로15번길 6-19
가격: 6000 원

What: Buckwheat Noodles served in a Cold Radish Kimchi Broth
Where: Samgyori Dongchimi Makguksu, 
6-19 Gyeongpo-ro 15beon-gil Gangneung Gangwon-do
Price: 6000 KRW

Photo by: qlolp_ (Instagram)