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  • Sumac Chicken 옻닭
  • Korean Sausage and Rice Soup 순대국밥
  • Grilled Butter Lobster 랍스타 버터구이
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치즈파닭 – Cheese and Chicken (쥬뗌치킨 – Je T’aime Chicken)



무엇: 치즈파닭
어디: 쥬뗌치킨, 충청남도 천안시 서북구 두정동 896
가격: 19000 원

What: Cheese and Chicken
Where: Je T’aime Chicken, 896 Buseong-dong Seobuk-gu Cheonan
Price: 19000 KRW

Photo by: uzue93 (Instagram)