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  • Grilled King Shrimp with Butter and Cheese 왕새우치즈버터구이
  • Snow Onion Chicken 스노우어니언치킨
  • Shrimp Bucket 쉬림프버켓
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마카롱 프라푸치노 – Macaron Frappuccino

Macaron Frappuccino 마카롱 프라푸치노


무엇: 마카롱 프라푸치노
어디: 앙트르메, 진주시 칠암동 121-6
가격: 6500 원

What: Macaron Frappuccino
Where: Entremets, 121-6 Chiram-dong Jinju
Price: 6500 KRW

Photo by: minie_s2 (Instagram)