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  • Chocolate Parfait 초코파르페
  • Pancakes with Mixberries and Ice Cream (호떡)
  • Macaron Ice Cream Cone and Cup 마콘 & 마컵
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누텔라범벅와플 – Nutella Waffle (커피씨엘 – Coffee Ciel)

Nutella Waffle 누텔라범벅와플


무엇: 누텔라범벅와플
어디: 커피씨엘, 울산시 중구 성남동 38-4 (2층)
가격: 10000 

What: Nutella Waffle
Coffee Ciel, 38-4 Seongnam-dong Jung-gu Ulsan (2nd Level)
Price: 10000 KRW

Photo by: eun____su (Instagram)